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Deluxe Home Inspection

Your home inspector will perform a “limited visual inspection” of the readily accessible general systems and components of the home. The goal is to identify any system or component listed in the report which may be in need of immediate major repair. The home inspection does not include any dismantling, destructive testing or technically exhaustive studies.

At the conclusion of the home inspection, your inspector will discuss any issues found during the inspection. Your home inspection report will be sent to the cloud later the same day and you will receive notification via email when your report is ready for viewing.

Video Pipeline Inspection

This inspection is absolutely essential if you are purchasing a home built before 1985. Homes built between the late 1800’s and mid 1980’s commonly have a vitreous clay tile lateral sewer line. This type of line is notorious for a number of performance issues including: root intrusion from nearby trees and shrubs due to loose/leaking joints, offset joints, sagging and/or poor pitch due to settling. Sewer line replacement can cost several thousand dollars. Your home inspector will use a state of the art video camera to inspect the line from the home to the city sewer main or septic tank. The video is documented and saved/captured on DVD.

Radon Gas Testing

Radon gas is prevalent in Colorado. The only way to find out if your home has unhealthy levels of radon is to have it tested. Your home inspector will place a continuous radon monitor at the lowest potential living space in the home. The monitor will record the average radon level for each hour during the test. After approximately 48 hours, your home inspector will arrive at the home and retrieve the results from the monitor’s non-volatile memory.  Your home inspector will then produce a web ready version of the radon report for you to view.