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As Home Inspectors and Real Estate Investors, we’ve seen and experienced first hand the good, bad and ugly aspects of the Real Estate Industry.

1. We want to help people avoid making some of the mistakes we have made. If any RE Professionals are listening (RE Agents, Lenders, Title, etc.), we can do better.

2. Through sound Home Inspection principles, my passion is to briefly come along side my clients in their home buying/selling journey and help them by giving them information they can use to make a confident decision.

This Is Who We Can Help:

Home Buyers who have a property under contract and need a thorough independent inspection. Allow 3-4 hrs depending on inspections requested.

Home Sellers who are interested in avoiding surprises. "Let's put it on the market and see what happens" is not a great strategy for selling your home quick with few hassles. A pre-market home inspection will give you "knowledge of the potential future." Keeps YOU in control...

Video Sewer Pipeline Inspections:

This is our most popular add-on inspection. It usually takes 20 minutes or so to do this inspection. If you are buying a pre 1980 home, don't forget to ask for this inspection! Sewer line repairs can cost more than a new roof! As far as the inspection goes...it will be over before you know it and you won't feel a thing!

Radon Testing:

It's a fact: High Levels of Radon Are the 2nd Leading Cause of Lung Cancer. We use state of the art continuous radon monitors to test for high levels of radon gas. All of our monitors are "interference" type which means if they are tampered with during the test period, the monitor will record the time and type of interference. We've stayed away from canister testing systems because they don't offer this important feature. http://sunnuclear.com/radon/1027/1027.asp http://www.epa.gov/radon


Serving the Denver Metro Area with:

Pre-Purchase (buyer) Home Inspections

Pre-Market (seller) Home Inspections

Investment Property Inspections

Video Sewer Inspections

Radon Testing